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When a person dies, the next of kin needs time to mourn. But that can be hard to do when they’re trying to find the money to pay for the funeral. Give your family peace of mind with burial insurance from NowInsured.

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    What is final expense insurance?

    The main purpose of final expense insurance is to cover the cost of a funeral and related expenses after a person passes away. Funerals can be really expensive, and if the recently deceased person didn’t leave behind enough money, the next of kin has to figure out how to pay for it.

    What's the difference between a full-service and direct burial/cremation?

    A full-service burial or cremation is one in which the funeral home provides a ceremonial or religious service along with the actual burial/cremation.  A minister may speak, a eulogy may be delivered, music might be performed, and so forth.

    In a direct burial or cremation, the remains of the deceased are buried, but the funeral home provides no religious ceremony of any sort.  In that case, the next of kin may opt to hold some sort of memorial service at a church, or even in someone’s living room.

    In addition, in the event of a direct cremation, the ashes of the deceased aren’t necessarily buried or placed in a mausoleum – they may be taken home by the next of kin to be kept elsewhere, or scattered someplace that was special to the deceased.

    Is final expense insurance the same as funeral insurance?

    Yes, and then some. Final expense insurance will provide a cash payout to your family and loved ones, and can be used to pay for your funeral and other expenses that may arise.

    Who should buy final expense insurance?

    Final expense insurance can be a very good alternative for people who can’t afford a prepaid funeral. If you don’t have access to enough cash to set up a funeral ahead of time, final expense insurance can be an affordable way of saving your loved ones the financial strain of paying for your funeral once you’ve passed away.

    How much does final expense insurance cost?

    It’s generally very affordable! It depends on a range of factors, including your age, occupation, marital status and more. Fill out the form and one of our agents will get in touch with you to discuss more.

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    Founded by a group of industry veterans, NowInsured was founded with one goal in mind: to be the leading final expense insurance company in the nation.

    Traditional funerals can be expensive, and can be too much to pay at once for many families. Final expense insurance can give you and your family peace of mind knowing that they won’t have pay out of pocket for your funeral.

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